(this paper is trying to summarise many ideas concerning ‘predictions’ of our human fate …)

Some ideas on Pluto in Capricorn and 2012


So we’ve had the first hit, from around new year’s eve up until a couple of weeks back. Several aspects of what it means, Pluto in Capricorn, have already shown their first, subtle glimpses. Since Pluto is now back again in Sagittarious, until later on in November, we can reconsider our stance towards those passing Jupiter related issues (as the ruler of Sagittarius) which we’ve had a chance to ponder over and integrate into our collective framework, since about 1992. The overindulging, celebrity-worshipping credit-card-spenders compulsively feeding on cultural and culinary junk food, as well as the Viagra-popping whore-humpers earning big bucks under the magic wings of multinational corporations will both have to cut down quite a bit on their life styles. The learning outcome, according to modern Astrology, will be for us to be stripped bare of any illusions and hopes [JUPITER] which do not adhere to the ultimate, naked truth at this time and age [PLUTO]. We’re asked to display a healthy, mature attitude towards our vision of growth [JUPITER] and this way understand our actual role in what we commonly perceive as our fate [PLUTO]. Any over-inflated ego might easily burst like a bubble, leaving behind the bleakness of what is left without fake, glitter and ‘fame’.

This streamlining of excesses during the next couple of months will pave the way neatly for what is about to come once Pluto will finally start its full journey through Capricorn. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is an Astrological symbol for our concept of reality, of the framework, the perception of time passing. It also stands for our internal fabric, the wiring in our brain as well as the molecular structure of our DNA. Everything which we perceive as the visible, tangible reality around us, is traditionally associated with Saturn (it is apparently the furthest away Planet which we can still see with our flesh eyes). Saturn is also The System, the political / social structure. Psychology, the mechanics of our day-to-day interactions, is therefore also a Saturn related issue. Boundaries are Saturn. The skin as the interface between Me and You is also Saturn related, as well as the bones, the structure we stand on. To express the planetary transit in a nutshell we could say that Pluto would probe into our understanding of reality [SATURN] and squeeze out the essence of what we need to do [PLUTO] in order to keep growing as a human society [PLUTO, SATURN]. Part of the truth is that everyone is connected with everyone else, we’re all in the same boat – namely a planet which can go, from time to time, through some really serious trouble. Whilst at the same time our brains are making this all up, aren’t they, inexplicably tuned into the ‘holo-movement’ of what we have come to call the Universe (according to the ingenious Quantum Physicist / Philosopher David Bohm – 1).

Let’s try and coin this Pluto / Saturn constellation into more practical terms: All our defence mechanisms to face the truth about ourselves and other people [SATURN] will be ruthlessly disintegrated [PLUTO]. How will this happen? Through the public awareness that Psychological Literacy is paramount in order to live a healthy and balanced life – not money, status, guns or religions. Continue reading